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RMIA regularly features seasonal and timely insurance topics that provide agents a package of promotional elements that can easily be customized and used in customer and community outreach, along with generating content for your social media.

Current Hot Topic: Severe Weather & Wildfire Season—Get Insurance Ready!

April marks the start of severe weather and wildfire season in the Rockies and we encourage you to use these timely RMIA severe weather and wildfire preparedness "news you can use" tips on your website, customer outreach and in social media.

FACTOIDS: Colorado and SE Wyoming is considered to be "Hail Alley" where we experience more damaging hail than almost anywhere else on earth! Along with hail, tornadoes, flooding and wildfire are all disasters that we need to prepare for as we head into the peak summer months.

NOW is the time to remind policyholders how they can prevent damage AND check in with agents/companies to make sure they are financially prepared with an insurance check up to update limits and consider endorsements, such as sewer back-up coverage and separate flood insurance on their homes and optional comprehensive coverage on their vehicles. Two years of devastating wildfires and floods provide a teachable moment to incentivize homeowners, renters, businesses and drivers to be insurance ready!

Click here for educational brochures, fact sheets and PDF downloads!

Sample Advice Posts & Useful Links:

  • Last House Standing:
    Do you have what it takes to build the most awesome house around? One that wins you bragging rights and can withstand the worst of Mother Nature? Developed by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH), Last House Standing is a social gaming app that provides the ultimate design and disaster challenge. Players have three minutes and $100,000 to build a house that strikes a perfect balance between stylish and indestructible. When it's finished, the game will unleash Mother Nature's wrath. Whatever is left will be judged on flair and survivability. Challenge random opponents and friends to see who will have the Last House Standing. By making preparedness fun and accessible, Last House Standing can breakdown the common "where to begin" disaster safety barrier.
  • Tuesday Trivia! How big is the largest recorded hailstone to ever hit the U.S.?

    A: 8 inches in diameter
    B: 15 inches in diameter
    C: 7 inches in diameter
    D: None of the above

  • Throw Back Thursday! What was Colorado's most expensive insured catastrophe? Bonus points if you share your story or photo of "where you were" when it hit!

    Answer: A July 11, 1990, hailstorm that hammered the Denver-Metro area caused $1.1 billion in insured losses (adjusted for inflation to today's dollars).
  • For about the cost of parking downtown you can buy sewer, sump pump back-up coverage. Think about being knee-deep in water without insurance for clean up or repairs! Here are some tips to prevent water damage.

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